As education in the United States faces a time of "reassessing" and defining pedagogy and intended outcomes, it seems clear that certain parallels can be drawn between today and late 1950's education and the Woods Hole Conference. In both times educational leaders in the United States questioned why testing indicated a gap between achievement of students in the United States when compared with other countries. With unified effort of educational leaders guiding the development of "disciplined based education" and "conceptual learning" following Woods Hole, Music Education enjoyed a growing recognition and acceptance in public schools as a discipline and valuable art. Additionally, instrumental music found itself supported by the general culture and by corporations such as the Ford Foundation who began or expanded programs to encourage and endow music. Today, it is more likely for one to find the response to include growing numbers of public school administrators who do not recognize music as a discipline (and fewer who can communicate a philosophy of the value of music education), corporations who struggle to only maintain any historical support for the arts while several eliminating or scaling back programs, and a general public that trends away from consuming and appreciating the fine arts (while in many cases dramatically increasing consumption of athletic endeavor at all levels.) I find it essential to research and hone rationales and philosophies to develop intelligent strategies for educating principals, business leaders, school boards, and parents about the nature and danger of losing our societal value of music education.


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Artifacts from Recent Teaching Years
Cras Temperest Quisnine Sodales Purus Mollis Amet







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Bachelor of Music Education - Florida Southern College 2004, 3.4GPA


Master of Fine Arts in Music Education - Ohio State University 2005, 3.8GPA


PhD in Music Ed Studies (Current Study) - Florida State University 2011, 4.0GPA


2007-2008 North Ft Myers HS, Asst Director w/ Jose Lopez, Director.


2008-Present Charlotte High School, Director of Bands


William J. DuBois


Major Focus Interests

Behavioral and Psychological Analysis of Teaching and Learning

Historical Perspectives on the Value/Philosophy of Music Education and Discussion of Present Day Western Public/Private Curriculum

Pedagogical Practices of Wind Band Composition and Performance (With Emphasis on Studies Across Traditional Cultural Designations

Wind Band Conducting